Not long ago, we moved the large tent off of the lot that sat adjacent to New Again Thrift Store. It was packed full of some of our best deals on furniture, tools, toys, housewares, and everything else that wouldn't fit into the store. For reasons out of our control, we had to say goodbye to the tent.

In place of the tent, we attempted to move many of the items for sale under the semi-covered patio outside of the store, but within just a couple weeks we noticed that it was an eyesore. Rather than closing the patio entirely, we've decided to focus more directly on how to keep good deals for you, but also keep things attractive. We think we've come up with a great solution!

We are now going to be using some donated crates to fill with all of the best deals on sporting goods, tools, books, and other odds and ends that we get and put them out daily on the patio. It's like the tent, but with less inventory and better rotation. If something isn't selling, we'll swap it out! The best part is, we can keep our prices low and also keep our neighborhood looking good!

So, if you're driving by and you don't see the tent, don't worry! We've simply modified how we sell the things that don't quite fit into the store! We're confident that our awesome patrons will quickly adapt to the new arrangement and better yet find even more savings on quality used stuff!

Thanks for your loyal patronage!