With the unseasonbly warm weather upon us, you're likely already thinking about spring and many of the projects that will come out of a long winter hibernation!

Spring cleaning for many is a time when closets, garages, and kitchens get an overhaul. As you're considering your spring cleaning tasks, let New Again Thrift Store help out by picking up your donations!

As we look back on the success we've experienced over the last few months, we realize now, more than ever that our two most important factors are: donations and volunteers. Without them, we'd be nothing.

When we consider success, we have to think beyond sales alone and focus on the impact made on the local community. Over the last few months we've been consistently serving up to 6 families a week by giving them a weeks worth of clothing and housewares, all free of charge! Additionally we're helping support the Calvary Chapel Food Pantry that is currenlty serving 900 people per month! Last month, we donated over 50 pairs of shoes to Africa!

So as you begin your spring cleaning, please schedule a donation pick-up so that you can be confident that your donation will have an immediate and significant impact on your community!

We appreciate your support! Thank you and God Bless! From All of Us at New Again Thrift Store!

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